Sinaida Michalskaja


Published 19 September 2015

Sinaida Michalskaja has co-edited a new book called Ego Updated - a hybrid between a selfie-reader and exhibiton catalogue. The book as been published to coincide with the exhibition  Ego Update - The Future of Digital Identity at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, which will explors how digital communication and technological developments influence our notions of identity.

Internationally acclaimed writers, critics and theorists have contributed essays to the book, to offer approaches from different disciplines and perspectives highlighting the complexity and relevance as well as the technological, art-historical, philosophical and media backgrounds of this phenomenon and predict some of its possible outcomes.

Essays by Jerry Saltz, Theresa M. Senft, Adam Levin, Douglas Coupland, Karen ann Donnachie, Daniel Rubinstein, Brooke Wendt and Jo Berlien are included in Ego Update alongside work by artists including Alison Jackson, Erik Kessels, Martin Parr, Evan Roth, Andreas Schmidt, Guido Segni, Oliver Sieber, and Jonas Unger.


Sina Ego Update