Peter Fraser

Camilla Grimaldi is delighted to announce that Tate has aquired an iconic selection of 10 of Peter Fraser’s works from ‘Two Blue Buckets’


Peter Fraser, Cheddar No 5     Peter Fraser, Easton Near Wells

“While reviewing the book, with typical panache, Ian Jeffery remarked that, ’a propos Fraser, photography is the only medium in which art can amount to anything in the 80s’ although “Art”, despite it’s presence, has nothing like Fraser’s range, and this collection / work will have more to it than any piece or collection of current pieces put on in any major venue for years ahead’.

Fraser’s book was not simply the mark of a significant achievement within contemporary British art but also, through it’s very ambition, influenced a new generation of young photographers. It remains one of the seminal publications of post-war British photography.”

– Jeremy Millar writing in "Peter Fraser",  published by The Photographers’ Gallery, 2002, quoting from ‘Unrepentant Roses-Two Blue Buckets by Peter Fraser’ in Creative Camera, December 1988


Peter Fraser, Newquay No. 1     Peter Fraser, Well No. 1


Cheddar No. 5, from Everyday Icons 1985-6
Easton. Near Wells, from Everyday Icons 1985-6
Newquay No. 1, from 12 Day Journey 1984
Well No. 1, from Everyday Icons 1985-6