Paris Photo 2012

Paris Photo

    Paris Photo 2012


    Thursday 15 - Sunday 18 November

    Grand Palais

    Avenue Winston Churchill

    75008  Paris

    Booth B24


Brancolini Grimaldi is delighted to introduce a new line up of artists to this year's fair.

Miles Aldridge will present a new photograph from the series Chromo Thriller. Working like an auteur filmmaker, his view of the world is wide and deep. His many influences include film directors such as Derek Jarman, David Lynch and Fellini. Each image is immaculately crafted often starting with story boarded drawings so that the final result is highly controlled in an almost cinematic way. Women and colour are Aldridge's twin obsessions. His work is filled with glamorous, beautiful women, whose perfect appearance and blank expression belie a deeper sense of disturbance and neurosis. And the technicolour dream-like worlds he creates aren't as perfect as they seem. There is silent screaming, broken glass, a head pushed down on a bed, the blood red of ketchup against a black and white floor. It's a fragile dream on the edge of a nightmare.

Marie Amar will exhibit La Poussière, a series of eighteen small photographs in which Amar transforms degraded material produced during the process of drying clothes, into photographic meditations on the nature of colour, time and the value of waste. Softly floating abstracts hover on the picture plane, the colours ranging from jewel-like reds and blues, through to sooty blacks and quotidian greys. The images reflect on the interaction between man and technology, a beautiful homage to the usually ignored residue of that interaction.


Dan Holdsworth's latest work, Transmission: New Remote Earth Views, appropriates data from the US Geological Survey to document the ideologically and politically loaded spaces of the American West in an entirely new way. In his images of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Mount Shasta, Mount St. Helens and Salt Lake City (Park City), we see stark, uninterrupted terrains where meaning is made through what it is absent, as much as what is seen. With neither the schema of the romantic nor the everyday to guide us, Holdsworth absorbs us into a vision of the unknown; a space that is unequivocally, transcendentally, Other.

Domingo Milella
will present Index, a compendium of 30 of the most evocative images from a body of work created over the last 10 years. The images will be presented as a visual sequence of themes and subjects that constitute his vision and quest. Milella's subjects are cities and their borders, cemeteries and villages, caves and homes, tombs and hieroglyphs - in short, signs of man's presence on earth. His interest is the overlap between civilisation and nature and how landscape and architecture are invested with individual and collective memory.

Clare Strand's latest project has been created especially for Paris Photo. Based on the 19th century satirical novella, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin Abbott Abbott, Strand has created a work in two parts; one part takes the form of three-dimensional geometric shapes in two large wall mounted cabinets, and the other framed two-dimensional representations of their flattened forms. Both pieces of work are created using photographic paper. In the novella, a sphere from Spaceland (a 3D world) visits a square in Flatland (a 2D world) to introduce a new apostle to the idea of a third dimension in the hope of eventually educating the population of Flatland to the existence of Spaceland. Here, Strand's work is considering and playfully manipulating the two-dimensionality of the photographic medium and hinting at the possibility a multi-dimensional 'nth' world.

Massimo Vitali has become one of the most celebrated contemporary photographers in world today, renowned for his large colour prints depicting the crowded beaches and shorelines of the Mediterranean Sea.   For Vitali, the beach is a place where the mundane and everyday merges with natural beauty, and where he can confront Italians in a place of vulnerability. The images reflect a sense of freedom, even hedonism, but also a sense of conformity and even banality.
This year we will have a very rare, small format print in exclusive; an iconic image from Vitali's first project in Sicily on Mondello Beach.


We are delighted to announce Steidl Brancolini Grimaldi will be presenting two new special editions of our recent publications at Paris Photo 2012. Dan Holdsworth's Blackout and Peter Fraser's A City in the Mind will be available with a signed, limited edition print.
Dan Holdsworth: Blackout 
Hardcover: 144 pages, Published: SteidlBG (March, 2012)
Language: English, Essay: Oliver Morton  
Print: Blackout #8, 2010, Medium: C-print, Size: 35 x 29 cm, Edition: 30

Dan Holdsworth will be signing books at Brancolini Grimaldi Stand B24

on Thursday 15th November between 5.30 - 6.30 pm


Peter Fraser: A City in the Mind

Hardcover: 112 pages, Publisher: SteidlBG (May, 2012),
Language: English, Essay: Brian Dillon
Print: Choice of three images below, Medium: C-print, Size: 33 x 47 cm, Edition: 20 each image


Peter Fraser will be signing books at Brancolini Grimaldi Stand B24

on Saturday 17th November between 1 - 2 pm