Now Representing

Camilla Grimaldi is delighted to announce our representation of Tomoko Yoneda.

After graduating with BFA from The University of Illinois at Chicago, Tomoko Yoneda completed an MA in Photography at Royal College of Art in London, the city where she now lives and works. Yoneda's photographs are evocative and mysterious, hinting at themes of absence and otherness beyond the visual images. Yoneda not only addresses subjects visible in reality but also projects the memories and history associated with places and events onto her work. As a result, through the act of looking at photographs, the viewer is challenged to question anew the essence of what it is we actually are able to see.

Yoneda has received critical acclaim at numerous international exhibitions including solo shows at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, the Aichi Triennale (both in 2013), First Kyiv Biennale (2012), Bye Bye Kitty!!!, Japan Society, New York (2011), the 52nd Venice Biennale, the 10th Istanbul Biennial (both in 2007), the Hara Museum, Tokyo (2008), Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo (2003). She will be included in this years Gwangju Biennale and SeMA Biennale, Mediacity Seoul.