Karen Knorr

Belgravia by Karen Knorr
To be published by Stanley Barker, October 2015

Karen Knorr's 'Belgravia' series (1979 - 1981) will be published as a monograph for the first time by Stanley Barker in October. Utilising images and quotes, the project depicts class and power amongst the international and wealthy during early years of Thatcherism in London. The project illustrated the  ‘everyday' of a privileged minority, and whilst historically, portraiture of the upper classes has tended to be flattering, the combination of portraits and quotes from the subjects recorded during their sessions, brings Knorr's work closer to satire.


'Belgravia is a cosmopolitan and rich neighbourhood in London near Harrods in Knightsbridge with many non-domiciled residents. My parents lived in Belgravia and the second image of the series is a photograph of my mother and grandmother in the front room of our "maisonette" on Lowndes Square. Yet the photographs are not about individuals but about a group of people and their ideas during a particular time in history. They are "non-portraits" in that they do not aim to flatter or to show the "truth" of these people. People are not named and remain anonymous.'
Karen Knorr

The book is available to preorder from Stanley Barker here.

Karen's 'Belgravia' series is on display at Tate Britain, alongside her 'Gentlemen' project, until 4 October 2015. 


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