Heidi Specker

ATMA Mill Owners "Le Corbusier" Building
Ashram Road
380009 Ahmedabad

September 8 until Friday, September 14, Daily 4 pm – 8 pm

Heidi Specker visited Ahmedabad on a residency from December 2011 to January 2012. During her stay, she concentrated on ancient arts and crafts in the contemporary city. Her artistic book 'M.G. Road' - will be published on the occasion of the exhibition.

"There will be no place in India - from small villages to big cities - without a road named after Mahatma Gandhi. MG Road is one of the main streets in Ahmedabad. During my four week stay, I combed her way up and down the street at least once a day. Just as Gandhi encouraged people to weave their clothes for independence, I crafted MG Road from 27 images.

Ahmedabad is known as the Manchester of the East. The city has been influenced by the rise and fall of the textile mills. Families like the Sarabhais have been instrumental in inviting architects and artists from the west to the city, who have given different representative buildings to Ahmedabad like the City Hall or the ATMA building but also residential buildings like the Sarabhai House which hosts works of international artists.

The wooden conference room of the ATMA building seems to me like the heart of the modernist idea. As B.V. Doshi mentioned to me, Le Corbusier allowed the Indian craftsman to express themselves while building it.

MG Road builds on the vision of combining the traditional crafts with the modernistic concepts and cares about the local traditions, retaining their qualities in a globalized world, in which everything would be monochrome."

Heidi Specker